Thoughts at a Wedding

I realised today at your former classmate's wedding that part of me doesn't want to marry you, because if I did I wouldn't be able to take photographs of you and me for our wedding album. There is so much beauty when two people come together that I feel my heart pulsate thinking about how to fully capture the moment. Though images are formed and words flow fast, they are scarce able to describe the vast intricacies of the moment. Its many facets shine brightly, revealing beauty upon beauty, and loveliness trickles tangibly like dew on a blade of grass. I want to chronicle all this on the day of your wedding.
Yet another part of me wants to be the one standing next to you, holding your hand as you nervously grasp mine. I feel the heat of your hand through the lattice of your gloves. I want to look into your eyes and speak the vows uttered so many times in the solace of my heart. I want to start a home and family with you, not by the strength of my own character or arm, which are both fallible, but by God's strength. Strength that endures, and love that never fails. I half fear that my own weakness and shortcomings will rob you of the happy life I wish for you, but I want it to be me. I want you to be with me. At your wedding.
At our wedding.

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