A New Life

After finishing the single-player campaigns in Warcraft 3, <a href="">Morrowind</a> has taken up quite a bit of my time. I find myself forgetting chores I promised to do, or reading things I made up my mind to read.
What draws people to Role-Playing Games (RPGs) so? Is it the prospect of a new life? The ability to choose the way you look, the power to be good at something? I know a lot of my time is spent on Morrowind trying to get my character as proficient with the bow and arrow as possible. Unlike real life, there are no physical limitations. Here in RPG-land, you put in the hours, you get the results. The rules are finite and simple. You become good, you get respect.
Life isn't that forgiving. We can't always choose the profession we want, or the facial features we are born with. The skills we gain don't always correlate to the amount of time we spend honing them. Some young punk somewhere is going to barge in and become <em>numero uno</em> simply by the sheer dumb luck of being born with more talent. Here in the lands of Morrowind, Diablo, Dungeon Siege or Everquest, we are empowered to become that which we choose.
I made Faith sad today by promising to do something which I forgot. I'm quitting Morrowind. I think I'm quitting RPGs for good.
Life isn't that forgiving.

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