Not being the more physically expressive type, hugging was always somewhat of a challenge. There were just too many combinations. My arms above yours, yours above mine, and two different criss-cross possibilities. And then there is the question of where to lay the head. Cheek to cheek, looking away or whether or not to breathe in scents that would etch the memory deeper.
I am the sort that would feel a lot more comfortable on a dance floor if I had explicit instructions. Spontaneity has never been one of my character traits. I was dull at best.
Thank you all for hugging me that night, a gesture to our closeness as I would be flying away in the few hours to come. Though I may have fumbled somewhat, holding each one of you felt so good, and so sure. Sure that we would always be bonded to each other.
Of course I am well aware of the weakness that accompanies human relationships. I only pray that God always be our center, our focal point. May we always gather unto Him first, and in that act find in each other a brother or sister for whom we are willing to lay our lives for.
I thank God for all of you.

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