For Love of the Game

Singapore's women table-tennis team won the gold at the Commonwealth Games. The last time this island city saw gold at the Games was forty years ago. It didn't smell this bad forty years ago.
At the heart of the problem lies the fact that the entire team, except for one who didn't get to play, were China-born. They did not migrate to Singapore when they were children. They were brought here and granted citizenship with one sole purpose – to win medals. They did their job. Simple as that. They put in the years of sweat and toil (most of which were spent under the Chinese), and it paid off.
It is a Singaporean trait to be afraid of defeat. It has become part and parcel of our identity. It is the destination, not the journey, that we seem concerned with. The lust for first place is getting continually worse. We <strong>need</strong> to win.
I'm proud of the girls who won. I am. I'm ashamed of the decisions the people we put in power made in order to gain these accomplishments. The excuses they put up to justify their actions.
We do not support atheletes in our country. Let's just face those facts and be honest about it. Howe Liang, the only Singaporean athelete to win a medal in the Olympics, is not rich, nor does he have a job coaching the younger generation. His sacrifice brought us glory, and he now bears the weight alone.
Learn to live life, Singapore. Don't ever, ever sell out.
Maybe we already have. My heart weeps.
Don't take my word for it. <a href=",1870,134961,00.html?">Read</a>.

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