Patriotism Renewed

So it's National Day again. <strike>32</strike> 37 years of independence. We've come a long way, baby.
Despite the temptation to be cynical about the blatant propoganda that bombards us through newly composed nationalistic songs and speeches, the festivities never fail to instill some sense of pride.
Sure we have our problems. With our collective outlook on life, or the decisions that we make. But these are always present in any society. Strength renewed, I feel like I can actually work towards changing some things.
Voice inside me mutters: Who are you trying to kid?
Let me just enjoy this one day.
Update: Thanks to H's Honey, I was reminded that it was 37 and not 32 years of independence. Shows how patriotic I am, or how ineffective the education system here was in teaching me basic mathematics. I raise my pitchfork at the latter.

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