Prepped Up

School starts tomorrow (technically today) and it seems that my psyche went on autopilot. I instinctively did a Martha Stewart and started organising my room, adding the ocassional decoration which I know I'll take down in the morning.
The start of school has always heralded some sort of transformation for me. Way back in primary school I would be anxious to become the obedient, hardworking student, the dream son that failed to surface last year. It wouldn't be two weeks before I gave in to my innate laziness and started to fall back on schoolwork.
I head to bed half-excited and half-afraid. Excited about the return to academia and discovery, and afraid that this time will pass me by too quickly. Much as I want to believe that working life is an extension of the journey, those that stepped ahead before me have returned with dire news of an inevitable process of dulling the human spirit.
I don't know if I want this year to end.

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