Sharing Milestones

As blogging approaches the height of its trend curve, the scene is bombarded with an enormous number of blogs from the more technologically-comfortable gen Yers. Though there are blogs that are worth noting, many of these blogs fall under the "No one loves me / everyone hates me / I'm gonna eat some worms" category. Who could blame them? Gen Y seems to have been born into a battlefield of technological advancement, many of which happen too quickly for the rest of us to contemplate their full implications.
I don't remember having to deal with anything of this magnitude in my childhood. Give me my sandbox and little green plastic toy soldiers anytime.
This is not to say that Gen X is totally devoid of technological competence. Those of us who are in the business run the backend, set the tone, establish the standards. Or at least we think we do. Life too, happens quickly for us, and we blog up a storm, furiously chronicling the milestones that zip by.
There are those on the edge of impending motherhood like <a href="">Claire</a> and <a href="">Pearl</a>, whose blogs echo not one heartbeat but two, and the rest of us hold our breaths in anticipation of what is to come. We lap up the emotion (as well as the information) knowing that one day we too might have to live the same story.
Then there are the those whose blogs are living <a href="">Dilbert</a> comic strips. We read and laugh, both in mirth and pain at the same time. Life at work is often such a dichotomy.
Having spent quite a bit of the last two months preparing for our wedding next year, I had the idea that the American wedding would have been a breeze, given that they did not have the obligatory Chinese wedding dinner which was truly a logistical nightmare that held apocalyptic ramifications should the wrong relative be left out. I guess I was wrong.
Reading <a href="">John</a>'s preparations for their wedding also slated for next year, it is interesting to see that we face more or less the same issues.
It is nice to know that we're not alone in the passing of life. It would be like watching a most spectacular sunset without anyone to share it with.

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