Suffer the Little Children

Kids at a school in Singapore made the first finals of a competition, going further than any of their predecessors ever did. They put in hours and hours of hard work, day after day, hoping to come home with the gold.
They didn't win.
In most people's eyes they were already victors, having broken new ground and done their best. But sadly, the education system in Singapore has become quite the corporate beast. No pity is found there. Nor love.
The teacher who is overall in charge reprimanded a few of these students days later. Something along the lines of them failing to win the competition, and failing to do well in their studies. Something about them failing. In everything, so it implies.
It can be argued that the school system is indeed providing education and getting these children ready for the jungle of a world out there. But there's something to be said about the nobler things in life. Teaching about the journey rather than just the destination. There's something to be said about not standing up for these things, and succumbing to the pressures of the world "outside", the world which has seen giant corporations swindle savings from the helpless.
The school, the children are the last bastion of hope in an already bleak and dreary world. To stop fighting here is to subject all of humanity to an existence of utter despair.

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