The Dark Side

Despite being in the "new" millenium and all, we are no closer to the humanity envisioned in Star Trek. An economy not running on self-gain, but the betterment of the species as a whole. A place where discovery is what powers the people.
Sure, we already have the automatic doors found on the Enterprise. In some ways, we are more advanced technologically than Star Trek. Our recent advances in hair follicle stimulation would make Captain Jean Luc Picard green with envy. But Jean Luc's world was light-years ahead not solely because of its technological prowess but the change in its mindset. Something I doubt we'll ever see.
It always comes down to the base of human character. The Hyde inside each and every one of us. Digital cameras are now increasingly used for voyeuristic purposes. The Internet, the portal of human information, is largely used to facilitate the transfer of pornography. The AIDS vaccine.
Rather than advocate abstinence, we have spent our millions, even billions, to find a way to continue our lifestyle of casual sex and moral flippance.
Our depravity will find a way to upkeep our opulence. Even if it means sacrificing the rest of them to starvation.

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