The Economic Divide

The saying that has been now embraced as rule goes:
<center><em>The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.</em></center>
In the medieval days of feudal lords and lowly peasants folklore created a hero for the people in Robin Hood. He defied the law of the land, and administered his own brand of justice. Yet his actions were deemed righteous, because he saw a greater good, and he felt the pain of the people.
In today's age of information technology the war is the same. It is still a matter of money. The rich are still getting richer, and the poor are still left to starve. In the light of <a href="">legal battles</a> between entertainment executives and technological prodigies it is clear that Robin Hood's arrow is no longer sufficient to battle the large monster capitalistic greed has become.
The fall of Napster and Morpheus are but the beginning. The legal ramifications of this battle doesn't end at the server. It carries all the way to the bedrooms and personal lives of those who have trespassed against the media monguls. It concerns us.
While it is true that the letter of the law has been breached, there is no violation of its spirit. No one disputes the fact that such and such a music artist wrote or sang such and such a song. Kudos was given. Respect was given. Money was not given. That, is the essence of the battle.
It is absurd that these individuals earn enough to feed millions of people in poverty-striken countries simply by enforcing intellectual property rights. There is no doubt that many of them work hard, but so does the miner, accountant and janitor. They wield their power because they hold the pulse of human culture hostage, and rather than have their talents contribute towards a communal good, they make their millions.
The question, is not whether we have stolen from them. The answer to that is obvious. The true question lies in whether they have stolen from us all.

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