The Luff

Mom, being the corporate woman she is, was explaining to me over dinner how important it was to stay indispensible. "You have to know what other people are doing," she says, "so that you aren't tied to the ship should it go down". Ok, maybe she didn't say it in such metaphorical terms. Her metaphor was that the picture of the corporate scene changes so fast, you don't want to be a leaf that eventually gets painted off simply because the artist decided to change to an urban landscape. Again, not in the exact same words, but close.
I've always wanted to teach. It occurred then to me that were life a picture, the legacy of teaching would not be a leaf, nor a cloud painted on a expanse of sky. Teachers are the glass that protect the painting, the frame that makes life bearable to look at for us mere mortals. Unlike lawyers or engineers, or even accountants (sorry Mom), teachers are the truly indispensible part of existence.
I want to be a teacher. I want to shape lives. I want to challenge conventional thought. I want to give our youths a fair picture of life itself. The "plan" was that I work in the industry so as to better give students a glimpse of real life. The glass that frames has to be placed close to the painting to minimise distortion.
But I know better than to make my own plans. NBA superstar. World-class orator. A lead on Broadway. Accomplished none of those.
I want to be polished by His hands, and somehow, solely by His grace, reflect a glimpse of His glory. I need to luff. Gotta get closer.

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