To a Father, Brother, Friend

Dear Lord Jesus,
I so often find myself discontented with the circumstances around me, and until You opened my eyes I didn't know that it was You against whom I was murmuring. How far I have fallen from what I longed to be. I failed to see the many things You've provided so faithfully, and instead chose to grumble resentfully that things were not how I planned.
When I call you Lord, I know that it means You hold everything I am in your possession. It is no longer what I want, but what You want that matters. My ego, my pride, myself. I lay them all once again into Your hands, for my own are careless.
I place You before my eyes once again and when I see, when I truly see, I bend the knee of my heart and worship. How could I do anything else. I am Your bondservant once more. Bondservant of the Most High.
Thank You.

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