A close <a href="">friend</a> told me that she found the light in my writings growing dim.
It has been a somewhat darker time for me, and like the other little Miss Sunshines in the world, times like these just make us exasperated at the fact that we're the ones left holding a very heavy torch.
I chose the name Tribolum, short for triboluminescence – the making of light through friction. I guess now's as good a time for friction as any other. Over these three months I've had to tussle over the logistical arrangements of a wedding, my fiancee's love affair with her cell phone and the life of a chauffeur on the call of duty.
The talk with Biscotti set me thinking and cleared up so many things for me. Lifting this light up with my own strength simply isn't possible.
I turn back to Him, the Light, and I lay myself broken at His feet.
I can do nothing. I am set free.

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