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Just watched the new Al Pacino movie <a href="">Simone</a> today.
It is basically a story of a disgruntled movie director who invents a movie star using digital technology. It was intriguing to see how the huddled masses of pop-culture sheep blindly followed the virtual Pied Piper in Simone.
Character invention is not new to us. I, for one, have fallen in love many a time with well-written fictional characters. But our generation stands at the threshold of technology, half embracing it, and half afraid to leave the familiar things we know hold true.
As we grow wiser, we become more wary of people "met" on the Internet, the golden rule being what is unseen is uncertain. Yet now there exists the power to defraud sight itself. To the artist, like Pacino's character, it is the tool by which one can liberate the imagination.
A person's vision is best kept to a singular source. Too often standards become compromised for the sake of collaboration. We are unable to communicate our original vision with total accuracy, or the people we work with are unable to produce it. Technology gives us the key to display our individual souls in its entirety. Even as you read this, it is the work of one unedited.
Al Pacino in the movie says, "I have created every nuance of the human being; the human soul". The story then consumes him and changes who he is.
In this craft of writing, it is essential for the writer to see that control is but an illusion. It is often the story that begs to be told. The story uses the writer as the tool. She owns the writer, completely and utterly. The story chooses the writer.
It is she that writes him.

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