Digital Blasphemy

A group of elitist students at the <a href="">University of North Carolina, Greensboro</a> had a <a href="">design discussion</a> and blogged about it.
The title of the blog was "Why does this suck?". Their target? <a href="">Loobylu</a>.
The premise behind "Why Does This Suck?" is boldly emblazoned on the blog.
<blockquote>Why Does What Suck?
Kind of Snobby Isn't it?
Well what's the point of higher education unless you can flaunt it?</blockquote>
It is an appalling thought that anyone has anything bad to say about Loobylu. A particular student <a href="">blogged</a> about Loobylu being confusing and difficult to navigate. I especially like this:
<blockquote>I kind of feel sorry for people who frequent this site… do they have nothing better to do with their lives than read about someone else’s from day to day?</blockquote>
If anything, Loobylu is a fine example of great design. The navigation links are right on top and there is little ambiguity as to what they mean. The "Why Does This Suck?" website on the other hand, contains a dead link in the nav bar (Rob's formz materials). There is no train of thought in the discussions – entries are merely chronological, and not topical in nature.
So, why does this suck? When you raise yourself unto a pedestal, make sure you don't fall flat on your face.

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