<blockquote>God loves a cheerful giver. – 2nd Corinthians 9:7
Continually give, and you will continually have. – Fortune Cookie.</blockquote>
How does one give unreservedly? It is something so much harder than it seems. I've told many people that giving is characteristic of being a Christian, and that in being taken advantage of, comfort can be found in the fact that Christ Himself surrendered His own rights to give us the right to have some part in Him. The people who give their all bear His mark, His likeness. Sometimes it takes a kick in the butt for me to realise that in my own life. It is somewhat much easier to deliver advice from afar.
These few days have been awfully draining, with many demands for my time still outstanding. Though I know that with good management I am able to fulfill most of them, I also know that it would mean that I would have little or no time for myself. To muse, to take photographs that I love. To just chill and take things slow.
I need so much more strength, so much more willpower to lay down my will (ironic as it sounds). But I know that I am called to trudge the same footsteps my Lord did, and in some way understand the fullness of His nature.
There are times I feel so far from Him, and the things that scares me is that within me there is an urge to run even further, despite my knowing better.
His arms are open, and I stand at the crossroads of whether to run in or run away.

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