Entering His Courts with Praise

After a most prolonged period (about two weeks) of not playing basketball, I finally stepped on the court again. While most of you read about how I <a href="">sprained my right wrist</a> back in July, I didn't write about how I sprained my left for fear that I might cause the girl I love excessive worry.
I sprained it back late August on the way back to Tucson from Singapore. Having only one hand to deal with most of the luggage, I over-extended myself and sprained the left wrist lightly. That meant that I was out for most sporting activities except soccer, which even I deem too physical.
I went back to play basketball late last night as both wrists felt much better. More importantly, it was something I needed. Basketball has always had its unique way of bringing me before God, and I yearned so much to be close.
It hasn't been the smoothest stretch of my spiritual journey since coming back here. Being constantly bombarded by images of barely clothed females on television and surrounded by their real life manifestations in school, the ocassional struggle with lust and pornography became a full twelve round boxing match. Try as I might, my strength paled so far in comparison to the temptations that lay before me, and soon falling down became lying down in my own pool of perversion and defeat. I even contemplated not getting married because I feared that I had compromised the quality of my love, and I didn't want to give her anything less than a love that was both pure and true.
But He still calls. I read my Bible these past few mornings and in Him I felt a pain and disappontment that was soon overcome by love, mercy and forgiveness. I now know how weak I am, how wretched and how unworthy. Spiritually, I was as impotent as a basketball player with no hands. But He called, and I came.
He calls me to pour unto Him the bitter water of my being. He alone has the power to turn it into the wine of cheer.

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