Friend in Need, and in Deed

Spoke to Erick a few moments ago over the phone. Ever since we both left Singapore to pursue our education overseas, we've seen little of each other.
He's there down under, and I'm up here in North America. While he's lamenting on how cold it is, I'm here grilling my butt off in Arizona's summer heat. I'm pretty sure Satan isn't present here in Arizona now. He goes back to hell during summer because it's probably cooler there.
Anyway, Erick just had his house burgled, losing his precious computer and the thesis he was working on.
He's really had a most interesting time studying there. In a little more than a year he has had his car burgled, his backyard set on fire, a close encounter with a group of teenage robbers and his car break down. He should be awarded some sort of medal after all the ordeal he has gone through.
It was good to hear from him again. Having grown up together we share many memories. Looking at the topics of our conversation now we can't help but reminisce on times past. How we used to gleefully laugh at the girls we liked, or the going-ons in our respective schools. Now we speak of setting marriage dates and finding jobs. It won't be long until we'll be sitting on a bench somewhere looking talking about our grandchildren.
Thanks bro. It's been wonderful growing up with you. God willing, I look forward to many more years ahead.

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