Gelatin Silver Paradise

Went to the <a href="">Eugene Smith exhibition</a> at the <a href="">Center for Creative Photography</a> here at school. I was totally blown away by the amount of detail. Once skeptical, I am now pretty convinced that digital photography has some way to go before it fully captures the glory of film. Of course it helps if <a href="">one</a> has a six-megapixel Canon D-60 to ease the pain.
Like Ansel Adams, Eugene Smith was also a darkroom maniac. It seems that these black and white photo fanatics all are. While my sister goes on about how digital photography has degraded the authenticity of photographs in general it is no startling revelation that the masters of film photography were not so revered because they simply took pictures, but how they manipulated light.
Of course one could argue that they didn't have killer photo apps like Photoshop back then. Ease of use does not make a skill any less, does it?

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