Gold No More

We live in a time of redefinition and change. Where business leaders were once charismatic and dynamic, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart inch their way to world-bank status. Tonight USA's Dream Team was redefined into a mere dream.
After a loss to Argentina yesterday in the World Basketball Championships, they proceeded to prove the feat not a fluke by doing it again. The Dream Team squandered a late 10 point lead to bow out of the tournament, giving Yugoslavia the victory. Though I claim to take no sides, I found myself hopping when Yugoslavia won. It instinctively felt like a victory.
Why the anti-American sentiment? Why did the millions of soccer-fans everywhere furrow their eyebrows at the thought of USA going deep into the World Cup tournament? Why do we crease our foreheads in indignation at the United States' resolve to go to war with Iraq?
Is it simply because they are the prevalent superpower? After all, most people do have a tendency to support the underdog.
Reading the <a href="">comments</a> by the Dream Team players and coach after their loss, it is clear that the culture of its citizens is partly, if not mainly responsible for the global distaste.
You've heard the clich&eacute;s. "They didn't beat us, we beat ourselves". "We didn't play the game we were capable of". and so on.
Seldom is heard the concession that the other team was better, or the admission that they were outplayed. There is no defeat that wasn't a deliberate or accidental choice, or the result of circumstance.
Humble pie is good for the soul from time to time. There is a phobia of its taste in this land.

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