We (at least half of us) ogled as she graced thousands upon thousands of the sepia-toned paper bags. We (the other half of us) bought the jeans she endorsed, hoping to somehow latch on to the vibe.
We all branded her gold-digger when she married the old man. Then some of us pitied her, and the thought passed through our minds: Maybe she was just misunderstood. Her having to suffer the weight of being looked upon as shallow just because she was a model…we may have wronged her.
The question framed within the triangle is a question no longer. We who pitied her were the ones fooled. There seems no depth nor honour that can be found in her.
I was unfortunate to catch a few minutes of her <a href="">show</a>.
I am utterly disgusted, and feeling betrayed for having given away the benefit of doubt.

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