Life on the Other Side

Walking around with a splint on my hand means that my "disability" is made explicit to the people around me. While I cannot vouch for the reactions I would have gotten were I back in Singapore, the people here in Tucson have been most pleasant.
They do not pretend that they see nothing. In fact, it becomes a conversation piece of sorts.
"How's the arm doin' bro?"
"It's doin' ok. Fell on it while playin' ball."
"Hey, at least you were hoopin'."
And that came from an unemployed African-American guy who happened to be cleaning the windows of the Vietnamese restaurant in return for lunch.
Though the African-American culture here still intimidates me a little with its in-your-face attitude and highly contextual language, their warmth and spontaneity is a trait I hope they will never, ever lose.

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