Medieval Once More

It has been almost a year since The Fellowship of the Ring. I've revisited Tolkien's land a few times since, reading the trilogy (though I still maintain Frodo whines too much in Book Three), playing <a href="">Dark Age of Camelot</a> and <a href="">Warcraft 3</a>.
As you can probably tell, I've joined the ranks of people who are fascinated by the clear fluid sounds of elven voices and the brutish sparks that fly as sword meets shield. Dark Age of Camelot was addictive to the point I had to <a href="">stop</a> myself from neglecting the very tangible life I had outside of my chair.
Yearning to scratch the Elven itch once more I turned to <a href="">Neverwinter Nights</a>. The storyline has been rich enough to keep me enthralled these few days, and I'm purring as I'm raptured into Tolkien-land once more.

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