Pack of Wolves

It's quite amazing how everyday individuals are able to hog the news media in the US. Reporters and journalists seem almost hungry for anything sensational, or revolting enough to attract viewers, and often lose sight of what news should be made news.
A <a href="">woman was videotaped</a> on close circuit camera yesterday hitting her daughter while putting her daughter in the back seat of the car. While the act was unarguably violent (it wasn't just a smack), virtually every news channel aired the video over and over again, threw in their own "expert" analysts and made what I thought was a local issue a national one.
All this while, the news ticker read "Arafat's compound hit by Israeli shell".
It is not about what is important or what people need to know. It's about what sells.
Blond, 25 year old young mother. Previously convicted of shoplifting. Caught on tape hitting her daughter. That sells.

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