Pontianak Sorority

In old Asian tales there exists a spectre called the Pontianak. She (it's always a female) is usually characterised by the long white flowing gown, and long white hair. Many things are said about the way they float about, or the shrill screams they emit, but words become hushed when people speak about their faces. It is believed that should one look upon the face of the Pontianak, one would surely die of sheer fright.
I bring this up not to scare anyone nor to promote an international exchange of ghost stories. The reason is this: For no apparent reason, long pink painted nails were found on the floor of my car, and in the trunk. Though they are the "stick-on" variety, I don't recall giving a ride to anybody who comes close to fitting the description. The nails just appear.
There's got to be some logical reason right?

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