Quarter Centenarian

As <a href="">Mena</a> celebrates her <a href="">25th birthday</a> I am reminded that I too will soon pass that threshold.
There used to be a time when we'd all glance at the people on television and somewhere in our hearts of hearts, hoped to be as successful as they when our time came. Then time passes us by and we find ourselves on the same side of the television set, this time resigned to the fact that our childhood idols will be who they were, and we will be who we are. There may have been a thought of regret or two, and we ease ourselves in our mediocrity by reading tabloids in which these very same celebrities are ridiculed and scorned.
I guess we have to learn how to celebrate life for what it is. It is not an endless race for accomplishments. Life has an intrinsic value which our society has undervalued.
So I look at Mena's birthday entry once again and sigh. At least she did the whole <a href="">MovableType</a> gig. Me? I played the triangle in the band.

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