Selective Amnesia

It is ironic that I should be reflecting on the things said about the first anniversary of 9-11, itself a day of remembering and reflecting.
There was a sense of unity as people flew small flags on their cars, whilst others wore ribbons, stuck stickers and came out adorned in red, white and blue. In the blogging community, where I believe the more reflective portion of the world's population resides, flags were flown, some blogs were closed and words of sympathy shared.
One moment that particular caught me was an eighty minute round the world report. Italian firefighters gathered in St. Peter's Basilica in rememberance of their American counterparts – the heroes who gave their lives in order to save another. In Australia, a human American flag was formed, and large signs that boldly proclaimed "Australia Remembers" displayed. This display of worldwide unity was something so truly noble.
Looking around the blogs, there were some who took a rather alternative viewpoint. They believe that it is time to move on and leave the grief behind. The more antagonistic ones accused America on putting on a show, remembering their own but forgetting the many who died in the Middle East.
Heartless though it seems, they do have a valid point. It is important to relook the sanctity of human life, and to re-evaluate its worth in our own hearts. Many…far too many innocent lives have been lost all over the world for the sake of agendas they had nothing to do with.

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