It's true, there are some things you won't know how much you missed until they're gone.
Found a <a href="">small indie bookshop</a> near a cafe the other day. In the last few years the only bookshops I've visited were the likes of <a href="">Borders</a> or <a href="">Barnes and Noble</a>. Though these megastores offer us the chance to indulge in their luxurious sofas while sipping expensive cuppas of espresso, there's something to be said about the small bookstore.
Just browsing through what seemed an oddly categorised collection of sci-fi, travelogues and calendars I was reminded of the two days I spent in Hawaii.
The sun was up, the ocean breeze in the air. I found a nice small bookshop near the hotel in which we stayed. It was a splendid time, just sitting on the floor and reading whatever books I so chose. Looking out of the huge glass window, the view was one of people heading to the beach and taxicabs filled with Nikon-toting Japanese tourists. I'd delve into the make-believe world whichever author created, then look up and see the surreal environment I was in.
Two times heaven.

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