After a humongous steak at <a href="">Pinnicle Peak</a> last night, my dreams were filled with fighting an invisible supervillian who fired rockets.
In an act of lunatic bravery I ran towards the space from where the rockets were being launched and realised that the supervillian was levitating above ground. I jumped as high as I could and grabbed hold of what I think was his cape. I ripped it off and it lost its invisibility.
It was a hue of baby blue (Not exactly the most fearsome of colours, I know, but hey he had a rocket launcher). I then wrapped it around me and ran for my dear life as rockets zoomed past my right and left.
I woke up.
I don't know if the steak was solely at fault. I had played an hour of <a href="">Freedom Force</a> just before bed. It's true, the villians in the game were every bit as corny as my baby-blue-caped nemesis.

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