Wrist operation's tomorrow. For those of you in Singapore, the time here's 15 hours behind. Most of you'll be sleeping the same time I hit the general anesthesia.
Got myself a greyish-black bandage to hold the splint to my hand just for a change in tastes. Though it helps by not labeling me "physically-disabled" as explicitly as the normal beige bandages would, I look every bit the part of a crazed Michael Jackson fan.
I'll be in a sling after the op tomorrow, which probably means not being able to use my right hand at all. I am convinced that when all this is over, I'll be left-handed, which I've always thought was a cool thing.
If any of you guys are going to be hoping or praying for me, pray for my trip back from the hospital. Being the only Singaporean with any driving experience, either a friend who just passed her driving test or my sister who has only a probational driving license will attempt to take me home. Being the man I am, I'm half-convinced that I am a safer prospect, even though one-armed and half-drugged. But I'll take the leap of faith and trust that all will be fine.
I'm just glad my left hand's fine to pull the parking brake should the need arise.

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