Copy – Right

As <a href="">Eldred vs Ashcroft</a> gets into court today, <a href="">Matt Haughey</a> writes an <a title="Copyright and the Commons" href="">excellent article</a> on copyright, and gives us the vision of what <a href="">Creative Commons</a> sets out to achieve.
As Einstein once said, "There is no such thing as creativity. It's only how well you hide your sources" (paraphrased). This day of digital manipulation the fear on the side of the artist is the public's new-found ability to produce <u>perfect</u> copies, and in a display of altruism share it with the world, depriving them of the millions and millions of dollars they had gotten used to getting.
Creative Commons seeks to establish copyright protection for a reasonable time, and then enrich the public domain by making these works available to everyone.
As children, even as adults, we all learn by example. How do we move on as a species if all these examples come with a price tag on them?

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