Flesh of Our Flesh

I took some time off lunch today to view the <a href="">current exhibition</a>, Lauren Greenfield's Girl Power at the <a href="">Center for Creative Photography</a> right here at the <a href="">University of Arizona</a>.
I've been to many, many exhibitions at the CCP (it's free) and if my memory serves me, this was the first one in colour. It felt weird viewing photos in colour, especially after associating the particular viewing gallery with countless high-contrast black-and-white photos by the likes of Ansel Adams and Eugene Smith.
Colour, somehow takes away the fantasy of a photograph. A well-composed black-and-white photo whisks us away into a world far away, be it a steel factory or Yosemite National Park. Colour photos…they came out so stark, so real. It was hard to escape the stare of the subject – there was no wistful far-off look. Merely truth. Hard, sometimes painful truth.
Lauren's photos gave us all a journey into the life and mind of a girl. The need to look "acceptable", the struggles to overcome bias in a male-dominated world, the safeguarding of dignity in a world where the men constantly degrade women. There were times it seemed almost too painful to look.
I wish I could apologise on behalf of all the men for creating a world where the defiling of women has become an accepted activity. But I can't, for the same blood flows through my veins. Help us.

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