Flying South

Caught <a href="">Sweet Home Alabama</a> starring Reese Witherspoon.
There's something to be said about Southern hospitality, or at least from what was portrayed in the movie. I guess it was just nice to step outside the city-life mentality a bit, and possibly believe that there are places out there that value communal life over individualistic endeavours.
I find myself wanting to go to those "redneck" counties just to see if this life actually existed. I'm sure there are places here small enough where everyone knows each others' names, and where people stay close.
But I know that these communities are built over a lifetime – stories of childhood adventures and the path to adulthood. I know that my time has past and there are times I forget for a brief moment my roots in Singapore.
My roots there seem so cluttered, so ephemeral. Maybe I've been away for too long, but working towards making more money all the time just doesn't cut it for me. It often seems we are all batteries to fuel the "economy". There's always talk about how we need to suck it up, or bear with it for the sake of the "economy".
Making it big on the world stage. Being the best. We toil on and on, almost endlessly. Do I, and can I find life in all this?

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