Jigsaw Fracture

There are some blessings that you'd never have known you received had someone not pointed it out to you.
Though initially incensed at the doctor I visited in Singapore for not detecting the wrist fracture I suffered, Auntie Elizabeth (a wonderful elderly sister in Church back in Singapore) had some wiser persepctives on the issue.
She too, was enraged and pained at my plight upon hearing it, and it was after much prayer that she realised the good that came out of the errant diagnosis. If I had found it out in Singapore, it would have been hard to carry out follow-up treatment as I would have had to fly back here to Tucson.
I had wanted to share this sooner, but until now I have been unable to type with both hands. It feels so good to be able to produce text at a reasonable speed again.
On the day of my surgery I had brought in a book by Keith Green, "A Cry in the Wilderness" to read while waiting on the doctor. When I asked Doctor Thomson if he would put the book away with my other things before I went into surgery, he picked it up and read the short synopsis at the back before asking me how far into the book I was. I had finished reading the book once before and thanks to a website design flaw at, I had two copies of the same book. I declned his offer to pay me for it, and I gave the copy I had in hand to him.
It was one of those moments when you saw how everything fell into place, and it was a most marvelous experience.
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