As <a href="">Kristen</a> shares her <a href="">Halloween experiences of old</a>, it has been a rather interesting day Halloween-wise.
Though having been in the United States for close to three years now, most Halloweens have been spent in the quiet of my room. Halloween falls in the time of the semester when the workload grows exponentially, and walking around got no work done.
I did, however, manage to catch a few glimpses of Halloween festivities at school. Some of the cafeteria staff dressed up as mermaids, wrestlers and I could have sworn one older lady was doing a Britney. Students wore tophats and hairbands with bunny ears. There were bake sales on the grass and people just came up greeting each other "Happy Halloween", before smothering the greetee with an assortment of candy.
It's almost 9:30pm, and no kids knocked on my door yet. I guess I'll just have to finish the Kit-Kat bars up myself.

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