I'm sure you guys heard this one.
A blond steps into the hairdresser's, wearing these humongous headphones. She sits down, instructs the hair-dresser accordingly, then proceeds to read a fashion magazine.
The hairdresser, to make her job easier, attempts to take off the headphones.
"DON'T YOU TOUCH IT!", screams the blonde. Startled, the hairdresser attempts to work her way around the hairy sitatuation.
Time passes, and the blonde falls asleep. The hairdresser sees the opportunity, and stealthily removes the headphones.
The blonde falls off the chair, DEAD.
The hairdresser panics, running around wondering whether to first call the police or the ambulance. After she calms down and sends for the paramedics, she picks up the headphones, which are still blaring away.
She puts them to her ears.
"Inhale…exhale. Inhale…exhale".
That's Singapore for you. We seem to be seen as such incompetent people that we'd all drop dead if a higher authority didn't tell us exactly what to do.
Work harder. Study science, not literature. Procreate.
Singapore has an official <a href="">government-funded campaign</a> to get its citizens to "mate and multiply".
It's not about mathematics this time.
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