Midnight Madness

Warning: Hoop Talk.
Friday marked the start of the basketball season with Midnight Madness once again. The festivities before midnight were negligible – $10,000 half court shot etc. Everybody wanted to see the preseason number one basketball team in the country take the court.
The slam dunk competition <a href="">last year</a> was disappointing to say the least. The new freshmen we brought in this year were phenomenal. <a href="">Hassan Adams</a> threw himself a bounce pass that everyone felt was way too far away from the rim. He took two steps, got airbourne and dunked it. He must have taken off just inside of the elbow of the key.
Those hops were reminiscent of <a href="">midnight madness 2000</a>, when Richard Jefferson (now with the New Jersey Nets) dunked the basketball jumping over two cheerleaders standing shoulder to shoulder.
Road to the final four begins.

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