Nitrous Oxide

Was talking to <a href="">Madseason</a> on <a href="">IRC</a> a few moments ago and he has agreed to be my pointman in helping me compile a list of names and addresses of IRC friends whom may want to come for our (Faith and I, not Madseason and I)wedding next July.
Talking about it makes me think about it. And thinking about it I imagine the scene in my head – my bride walking down the aisle as beloved friends and family watch on. I can't help but grin from ear to ear in an almost stupid fashion.
As always, the guest list is probably the most intimidating tasks in the whole wedding prep process. I may very well end up putting a printable version of the wedding invitation here on Tribolum as an open invitation to all of you who have been so faithfully following my rather mundane life.
Drop me an email using the form on the right side-bar if you'd like to come. I'd like you to be there.

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