Pinky and the Brain

I believe, and I've been believing for some time, that <a href="">Mary-Kate and Ashley</a> are out to take over the world. There is absolutely no getting past the fact. It is blatantly rubbed in our faces as the Olsen Twins conquer every single aspect of human life.
There is Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics, a fashion line, their own magazine and a sitcom, just to cite a few examples. I was at Wal-Mart just this morning and saw a Mary-Kate and Ashley <strong>CD-Player</strong>. I had half a mind to run amok the store and start tearing at my clothes.
Here at home (in Tucson), they are affectionately known as the eyebag sisters. Anyone who had the misfortune of catching an episode of Full-House would have noticed this small kid (played by the Olsen Twins of course) with the humongous eyebags. Frankly, they were so large I was afraid they'd trip over them at some point in the show.
Saddam, Osama, Bill Gates…they are all a ruse. A decoy. A diversion from the world being swallowed whole by the eyebag sisters.

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