A shooting occurred at the University of Arizona this morning. Two instructors at the College of Nursing were shot before the shooter shot himself.
I was near the College of Nursing this morning, about an hour before the shooting. They were supposed to start selling basketball tickets at the Stadium box office at 7am. Many had camped overnight and by the time I arrived at 6:10am, a huge crowd had gathered.
They mobbed the office, tearing the aluminium window shutters open to get their tickets. Let me correct that, those weren't even tickets. They were little coupons that allowed you to come back later to obtain the real tickets. People were getting shoved, some coming out of the mob with black eyes and an assortment of injuried. People were body-surfing – from what was gathered some of them were body-surfed out because they had blacked-out.
The land of individual freedom has become the place where selfishness prevails. The shooter shot the two female instructors because he had failed his class, so the latest reports say. Not too far away an angry mob wanted their tickets – their own tickets – at the expense of everybody else.
Channel-surfing through the news channel has become a flipping-through of a global obituary. We are no longer appalled at murders. In fact, we've grown to be actually relieved when we see that there was motive. At least that way, we have the assurance that "it won't be me". Nobody cares for the other.

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