Taking Sides

Much as I'd like to keep my blog all happy and cheery, it is hard to ignore the things that go on in our world today. The media coverage here is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Try as you may, there are going to be those days they get to you, and you sit in front of the telly wondering why the world is the way it is.
The <a href="">Maryland Sniper</a>, the decision to go to <a href=",12239,815413,00.html">war with Iraq</a>…then there's the ones closer back home in Singapore – the <a href="">Bali bombing</a>, the <a href="">recent shooting</a> at Monash University in Melbourne.
I have finally come out of my delusion that we are now better off than the baby-killing Japanese soldiers of the Second World War, or the anti-Semitic Germans for that matter. Our lone national superpower of today frowns with disgust at those acts of war, forgetting that not very long ago they were a nation of slave-owners who stole the lives of so many African families. They were the ones who systematically killed the natives, then sticking their flag in the blood-drenched earth and proclaimed this their land.
Perhaps the best illustration of American short-sightedness came in the form of a question asked by newcasters to their "experts" on television this morning: Is the Maryland Sniper connected with terrorism?
Are the people in D.C. afraid to pump gas at a gas station (British english would have it as pump petrol at a petrol kiosk)? Are they afraid of being outside a Home Depot, or a Ponderosa? Do they now live in terror?
It is an idiotically rhetorical question to ask. The true question behind it had to do with the ethnicity of the sniper. Arab descent, terrorist. That has become the fact of the matter.
I cannot help but feel incensed at the whole spin on the issue. Whenever I see George Bush Jr on television, I see a man who lies, a man who advocates hate, a man who kills and proclaims himself righteous.
Like <a href=",3604,813189,00.html">Woody</a>, I am sick of the lies.

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