Till Death

One of the lines made popular by soppy romantic comedies goes, "I want to spend my whole life with you". It is usually uttered by some dashing young male specimen to Meg Ryan. Ok, so you think Tom Hanks doesn't quite cut it.
In my short course of life I've found a number of such people. There have times I've looked upon a person and felt an urge to spend every evening watching every sunset with them. From my own analysis, I gather that this emotion is evoked due to my natural response to an eponine-situation (in this case <a href="">Eponine</a> is used as an adjective, pronounced epo-nine, like <em>serpentine</em>). Due to the vulnerabilities involved, the object of my gaze is often a female, though I have felt such feelings for the ocassional (but infrequent) male.
I feel strongly, very strongly, toward people who suffer loss. There is almost an inherent need to protect and to love them. To just hold them close and tell them that everything is ok. Maybe it's some form of infatuation, maybe I've too much estrogen in my system. I don't know.

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