Write is Right

After the longest time of not taking photos, stubborness triumphs over a lack of dexterity as I walked to school in the cool of the morning. The weather has finally decided to give us all a break from the oven-like temperatures of summer. I raise my index finger slowly, and depress a button on my camera. It feels so good to be capturing pixels again.
Writing, on the other hand, is still a challenge due to the splint I have to wear. It restricts the movement of my right thumb, thereby ending any attempts to hold a pen or pencil in proper writing form. I have been practicing with my left, and though legible, the speed at which my left hand writes is a liability should professors be less than kind to offer me tests on a keyboard.
This exercise in ambidexterity is not merely a physical one. I concentrate hard to notice the nuances that occur within my brain. After a while of writing left-handed I lose my ability to spell the simplest of words, and it is more often the fear of writing something wrongly than a physical disability that renders my hand illegible.

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