Back to the Future

I was at an open basketball practice yesterday, where the college basketball team is divided into two to play against each other, and seated beside me was this three-year old boy with the bluest eyes and golden hair. He was rolling around his dad's lap, popping up occasionally to look at what the fuss was about when the crowd wowed at a brilliant play.
He asked inquisitive questions
"Are we the white or the blue team?"
"We're both."
"Are we winning?"
"We're winning…and losing."
"Is it over?"
He wasn't the whiny, irritating sorta kid you'd want to beat to a pulp. He had the mischievous grin and it was clear that he was having a whale of a time with his dad, even though he wasn't watching the game. Then the future occurred to me.
In time to come, he'd grow up and probably become one of the blond guys girls like so much. He'd probably join a frat, get a girlfriend, get married, work, retire and have grandchildren whom he'd then bring to a basketball game.
It was scary to have such a flood of thoughts all run through my mind in so short a time.

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