Caught the second installment of <a href="">Harry Potter</a> this afternoon. Though my sister firmly believes that the transition to motion picture will compromise the integrity of the written word, I am more pliable in allowing interpretation between the mediums. I just needed a break from a rather long week.
<img alt="Emma Watson as Hermione Granger" src="" width="150" height="108" border = "2" hspace = "7" align = "left" />This is hardly a prediction, but posters of Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the movie are going to be on the walls of millions and millions of adolescent (mostly) males across the globe. Her character is definitely highly appealing to the normal human male. Highly intelligent and yet possessing a down-to-earth girliness puts her way up on the charts.
She's only twelve, and we'll watch her as she lives out her teenage years through the (hopefully) seven installments of the entire Harry Potter series.

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