Feeding Frenzy

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Having browsed through about a dozen editions of Frommer's Arizona guide, I am glad to say that I finally got down to watching the sunset at Starr Pass. It's not that I've never intended to, its location has always managed to elude me. Truth is, I found it this time only by accident.
It's almost a novel concept to us city-dwelling folks. Hundreds of people gather around. Each one finds their own little rock to sit on and await the sunset. Though I went alone, the multitude of conversations around me kept me company, and I found it hard not to casually eavesdrop a little.
Families talking about the odd uncle or aunt, friends talking about their latest hobbies. People who came down from Seattle, San Diego to soak in the sun over Thanksgiving weekend. Chinese speaking parents with distinctly Americanised children. Families who drove north from Mexico to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sales. All gathered. All waiting.
The sunset didn't disappoint. It turned the sky a most brilliant red and lit the mountains. The vast bush-covered plains before our feet catalogued the movements of the clouds, stepping in and out of the shadow. To add to the already Tolkienne experience, there was a small fair in the distance. The large ferris-wheel glimmered in the sunlight, standing in the midst of bush and sand.
The colour of the sky turned deep very suddenly. The luminescence from the lights at the fair stood out like a diamond, and for that moment it might as well have been Disneyland to us.
I would have liked to share the experience with all of you. I only hope my pictures (which I hope to post one daily in the <a href="">Visuals</a> section) will suffice for now.
Before I get accused again of using Photoshop skills I do not yet possess, I'll clarify that the picture (save for resizing) came straight out of my Canon G3.

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