Global Domination

I think it is now safe to say that Basketball is a truly global sport. While channel surfing today, I found the Rockets / Clippers game on <a href="">Telemundo</a>, a Spanish television channel targeted at the large Hispanic population here.
Standing 7'5" (or 2.26 meters) tall, China-born Yao Ming looked every bit the giant beside the Telemundo interviewer, who spoke in Spanish. Yao Ming stood there grinning at the ridiculous situation he was caught in. I wasn't sure if he actually asked any questions, but I managed to decipher one line that went "he speaks Chinese, and I speak Spanish, so all I can say is 'good luck'". He then turned to Yao Ming and muttered "good luck". Yao answered with an almost inaudible grunt.
It's nice to know somehow that the sport of basketball transcends the barrier of language.

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