Since <a href="">Faith</a> did her short take on <a href="">Googlism</a>'s definition of her name, thought I'd do mine.
<a href="">Lucian</a> is:
<ul style="color:black"><li>the most elegant and luxurious.</li>
<li>supernaturally gifted.</li>
<li>the perfect setting for a dream wedding.</li>
<li>very unique in and this is reflected in the way the story is written.</li>
<li>at first thwarted by the beautiful siren.</li>
<li>the definition of a nice guy.</li>
<li>undoubtedly brilliant.</li>
<li>the most recent mortal to attain godhood.</li>
<li>stepping up her torture of the prisoners at the behest of a mysterious masked stranger.</li>
<li>ready to meet the dawn.</li></ul>
Oh, and the last one: Lucian is a unique experience.
I'm not sure Googlism knows anything about me at all. I'm bland as cheese.

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