Though I don't follow entertainment news much or even at all, <a href="">Stan Lee suing Marvel</a> got my attention. Growing up an X-men and Spiderman fan, Stan Lee and Marvel have always been synonymous to me.
As most other fans are, I am apalled that Stan hasn't received any form of remuneration, despite the slew of Marvel-character inspired movies that have and are going to continue hitting the silver screen. Truth be told, I was hesitant to watch those movies, but Stan's approval assured me that they wouldn't deviate far from the heroes I had grown to love.
It is ironic that Stan, 80 years of age, should find no reward for those who would build upon the world he created. Elsewhere, Walt Disney who has since passed on, still reaps millions as Mickey Mouse stays tucked securely under forever-extending copyright laws.
Walt's great-grandchildren shouldn't benefit directly from his work. Stan, through the sweat of his own brow, should.

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