Kids in Disguise

As a substitute for Halloween (essentially a Wiccan holiday), the church here holds in its place the Harvest Festival. Children get dressed up, though not as ghouls or goblins. There were tons of ninjas, a few Jedi knights, and a rather plump pair of Superman and Batman. The cutest of them all (in my own humble opinion) was a small toddler dressed as Thomas the train.
He just couldn't be bothered with the fanfare that was going on around him. The game stalls, the waterballoon fights, the endless quest for more candy. He had an eegee (a drink made up of flavoured crushed ice) in his hand, and that held his entire focus. It didn't matter who carried him, who rubbed his tummy or who messed his short hair. As long as it didn't disrupt the path of cup to mouth, he was cool as a cucumber.
I had a whale of a time manning the basketball stall. Do the Harlem Globetrotters accept Asian ballers?

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